Birth and Postpartum Services

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"Kimberly was a great support to my husband and I. Using very helpful breathing techniques, she coached me through each contraction. She also hung in there with me even when things looked bleak. I am glad I chose Kimberly as my doula: I was able to enjoy the kind of labor I wanted (without pain medication). I could not have done it without her." 
Rahja Oyake
Pasadena, CA

"Kimberly was such a blessing to us throughout my pregnancy and the birth of my baby girl. I can honestly say she is an Angel who held my hand, leading me through all of the scary parts and rejoicing with me during the most special ones as well. My husband and I both agree that having Kimberly at the birth of our daughter was one of the best decisions we could have ever made."
Emily Sapere
Torrance, CA

"Kimberly cheered me on with encourageing words, and gave me hugs and massaged me to relieve the pain. She has a calm presence which helped my husband and me during my labor."
Judy Lee
Pasadena, CA